Our team

Information about the medidux™ team can be found on our website.


Prof. Dr. med.
Andreas Trojan
Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Stefan Vogt
Chief Executive Officer
Bugra Yuksel
Chief Technology Officer
Yannick Kadvany
Head of Project Management
Sabine Nieba
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Partner and COO @QUAREGIA - Quality & Regulatory Compliance
Sebastian Köpe
Head of Business Development
Cansu Akca

Product Owner

Lars Krüdewagen
Junior Research Assistant
Mathis Brauchbar
Co-Founder and Member of the Board of Directors
Johanna Albrecht
Intern Marketing, Project Management & Customer Success
Christian Dreger
Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Adey
Product Manager
Berk Engez
@Onremote AG
Anna Windisch
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
Bruno Odermatt
Chief Financial Officer
Huseyin Avci

Web Development Team Leader

Martin Rüfenacht
Chief Executive Officer